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OneLogin Offers Trusted Experience Platform to Secure Identities for Virtual Learning Environments

March 12th, 2020

Offer Enables K-12, Colleges, and Universities the Chance to Sign In Securely for Free

SAN FRANCISCO — March 12, 2020 — OneLogin today announced it will be offering the OneLogin Trusted Experience Platform™️ for free to educators who are moving to a virtual learning environment in light of health concerns. The free platform, consisting of single sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA), and certificate-based authentication, will deliver secure virtual experiences for all educators K-12, colleges, and universities. To learn more about this offer see OneLogin’s virtual learning page.

“Today’s uncertain times call for communities across the country to band together in support of one another, and in this vein, the team at OneLogin wants to ensure that students and faculty have an easy, secure way to log into their virtual learning environments,” said Brad Brooks, CEO, OneLogin. “I come from a long line of educators so helping school systems continue to provide students with the best possible learning experience is very near to my heart.”

OneLogin’s Trusted Experience Platform for education helps ensure your institution’s applications and data are protected, while still making it easy for students, faculty, staff, alumni, and applicants to log in.

All K-12 and, and public colleges and universities will have the opportunity to benefit from three months of free OneLogin’s Trusted Enterprise Experience Platform under contract. Cancelation is free at any time.

Tony Casciotta, CIO and VP of IT at Broward College, said “the OneLogin product was simple to install and integrate into our environment while providing a sophisticated, secure solution with an easy to use interface. Our staff and students have adopted it without any difficulty.”

Lighthouse Academies’ CIO & CTO, Casey Muse, said, “from the beginning, it was clear that OneLogin understood our unique academic and non-profit needs right away and they were more about the partnership with LHA, which made a really big difference for us.”

To learn more about how Broward College, Lighthouse Academies, San Jose Unified School District and the Berklee College of Music secure themselves with the OneLogin Trusted Experience Platform, visit OneLogin’s customer page.

OneLogin became the first identity as a service (IDaaS) directory integrated with PowerSchool Group, LLC, the leading provider of K-12 education application technology, in September of 2019.

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OneLogin is the identity platform for secure, scalable and smart experiences that connect people to technology. With the OneLogin Trusted Experience Platform, customers can connect all of their applications, identify potential threats and act quickly. Headquartered in San Francisco, OneLogin secures over 5500 customers worldwide, including Airbus, Stitch Fix and AAA. To learn more visit