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OneLogin Launchpad

Get the most out of OneLogin by taking a hands-on training course, becoming a certified partner, or learning more about our platform through our free video training courses.

OneLogin Education Sercices
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Administrator Essentials

This course covers the fundamental concepts and tasks that a new Administrator will need to know to successfully manage the OneLogin platform. The topics cover include: managing users, managing security policies, creating connectors & roles, automating business processes, events, reporting and customizing OneLogin.

Duration: 3 Days

Delivery format: Virtual Instructor-Led

Course Schedule

01/10 - 01/12
8:00 am US Pacific Time
01/16 - 01/18
8:00 am Australian Eastern Time
01/24 - 01/26
8:00 am US Eastern Time
02/07 - 02/09
11:00 am UTC
02/13 - 02/15
8:00 am US Pacific Time
03/06 - 03/08
8:00 am Australian Eastern Time
03/13 - 03/15
8:00 am US Eastern Time
03/19 - 03/21
8:00 am UTC

OneLogin Platform Overview

The OneLogin Platform Overview is designed to provide an overview of key elements of OneLogin Bundled features.

Duration: 1.5 hours

Delivery format: Virtual Instructor-Led

Managing OneLogin

The Managing OneLogin is designed to provide an overview of key tasks that a basic OneLogin Administrator might face on a day to day basis.

Duration: 2 Hours

Delivery format: Virtual Instructor-Led

Please contact us if you'd like us to provide on-site custom training for your organization.

Partner Certification

Help your customers take full advantage of our products, solutions and features.

Check out our Demo Videos

Our demo videos will give you an overview of how certain features will work in your environment. See Demo Videos

Read our Documentation

You can find our administration documentation on our support site. Our developer documentation is located on our dedicated developers site.

One Identity University

One Identity product and technical training led by industry experts and certified partners.