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Protect your most valuable investments

Valuable and sensitive information is stored within your key applications. Wherever your apps live, we help you secure them.
App security

Secure critical apps today

Passwords are often the only barrier between cybercriminals and your sensitive information. Too often, those passwords are weak. That’s where OneLogin comes in. OneLogin’s strong multi-factor authentication (MFA) provides an added layer of security that won’t slow down your business or burden your users.

The best security measure is the one you implement right now. Secure your key applications first.

Security and simplicity together

Rapid deployment

Rapid deployment

  • Deployments measured in minutes, not months

    Implement and roll out to users rapidly with templatized solutions.

  • Keep your directories, or not

    OneLogin MFA integrates with all user directories for simple configuration. Use OneLogin’s cloud directory or connect to your existing directories and HR systems. Works with Active Directory, Azure AD, LDAP, Workday, Namely, UKG, Okta, and more.

Leading-edge security

Leading-edge security

  • Security that won’t slow you down

    SmartFactor Authentication: risk analysis powered by machine-learning and customizable access policies.

  • Move towards a passwordless future

    Passwords are the weak link in your security chain. Start your journey to the passwordless future. Replace traditional passwords with more secure authentication factors.

Simple management

Simple management

  • Simple user administration

    Administrate from anywhere with our responsive, web-based admin portal. Built-in automation, best practices, and training are provided — no servers or CS degrees required.

  • Modernize protection for legacy on-prem apps

    Protect SaaS and on-prem applications alike. Apply modern adaptive multi-factor authentication to on-prem apps like Oracle eBusiness Suite and PeopleSoft.

Frictionless end user experience

Always up-to-date

Delivered as a service, OneLogin MFA is continuously updated so you always have the latest and greatest security.

Login less, work more

Machine-learning evaluates risk factors including typical user behavior, and only challenges users for MFA in risky situations.

Self-serve support

Minimize cost and disruption. Intuitive self-serve device enrollment and management streamlines deployment, accelerates adoption, and reduces helpdesk support.

Painless implementation

Get started with our expert professional services staff and implementation resources. OneLogin is with you every step of the way.


1. Prioritize your most critical applications

2. Configure a solution tailored to your needs

3. Streamline the change management process to deploy rapidly and simplify user adoption

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