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Access as an Application VPN

Securely Connect & Unify Access for Remote VPN Users.
Replace VPN

Secure access from any location

External and internal threats exist on the network at any given time. Network locality is no longer sufficient for establishing trust.

Securing internal applications using VPNs is difficult to maintain and enforce security policies, and slows down the user experience, especially on mobile devices.

OneLogin Access delivers easy and reliable access to on-premises applications in local or remote data centers and private clouds, like AWS and Microsoft Azure. Authenticate users directly with OneLogin and leverage Single Sign-On to eliminate additional hurdles for employees to login to their work. With Access, there is no need to deploy client software and users connect faster and more securely than VPNs or other legacy solutions.

How does it work?

OneLogin Access leverages the Trusted Experience Platform™ to serve as a central point of management for all cloud and on-premises applications. Configure and distribute security policies to enforcement points (EPs), which act as local gatekeepers for specific applications, and deploy SmartFactor Authentication™ to increase security for remote user access. Users enjoy a single sign-on login experience to applications and administrators setup configurations using either the OneLogin admin UI or with more modern approaches like APIs with configuration management tools like Terraform.
How does it work?

OneLogin as a replacement for VPN

Protect remote user accounts and secure application access.
Fast, Secure Application Access

Fast, Secure Application Access

Authenticate users against existing user directories to enable Single Sign-On.

Users enjoy fast and easy access to internal applications from any location and on any device.

Admins control access from a single, convenient user interface.

Configure and Enforce Security Policies

Configure and Enforce Security Policies

Enforce access policies for specific applications or on a per-user basis.

SmartFactor Authentication uses insights from Vigilance AI™ to dynamically adjust authentication requirements based on risk scores and deny access to intruders.

Monitor VPN Activity To Reduce Risk

Monitor VPN Activity To Reduce Risk

Track suspicious activity and stream events to Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions to reduce potential security threats in real-time instead of relying on batch jobs from legacy tools like VPN.


As a user, I can see all my applications at a glance, it’s secure and I can access it anytime I want. I don’t have to carry around my laptop any more or worry about my access or VPN if I need to do something while I’m out or on the weekend. As a user, that’s the beauty of it for me, and I absolutely love it.

Mustafa Ebadi Vice President of IT, SOTI

Secure all your apps, users, and devices