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The era of passwords is over

The future is SmartFactor Authentication™
OneLogin Eliminate Passwords

Passwords are a problem

Credentials are the main target of cyber criminals, because a username and password unlocks access to corporate systems, data, and IP.


breaches involve weak or stolen credentials


people have trouble remembering passwords.


employees reuse passwords at work

Static 2FA is not enough

Two-factor authentication (two-factor authentication) was supposed to be the solution to weak passwords. Adding an additional challenge during login, MFA makes it harder for criminals to gain access with stolen passwords.

But...cyber criminals have become more sophisticated, intercepting one-time passwords, stealing hard keys, and so on.

Fact: All logins are not equal

Some login attempts are more risky: like ones from locations known for cyber espionage. Or, a user logging in from an unfamiliar device at an unusual time of day.

Trusted experiences require the fastest, simplest, secure login possible—emphasis on secure. That means a low risk login should be passwordless, fast, and easy. But a login flagged as high-risk should face serious challenges.

And it means never relying on a reusable password.

Introducing SmartFactor Authentication™

Today’s adaptive authentication has to be smart enough to evaluate the risk and context of each login and adapt accordingly.

That’s exactly what OneLogin’s SmartFactor Authentication does.

Powered by OneLogin Vigilance AI, SmartFactor Authentication uses machine learning to automatically adjust authentication.

SmartFactor Authentication

SmartFactor Authentication protect data

Find out how SmartFactor Authentication can protect your corporate data while providing a frictionless, trusted experience to your employees, partners, and customers.

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