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The Mergermarket Group Unifies Global Workforce with Single Sign-on Solution

We have implemented the password reset feature, reducing calls to our support team by approximately 45 per cent, a percentage we expect to continue to rise…

BEN MOLLET, Application Delivery Engineer at Mergermarket Group

Mergermarket Group provides high-value intelligence, analysis and data to subscribers in financial firms and corporations. With over 1,200 salaried employees and 250 contractors, the organisation spans 25 office locations across Europe, North and South America, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific.

Since its inception in 2000, the company has grown rapidly, acquiring businesses both large and small. As a result, it has onboarded a large number of staff, with a variety of differing needs, who work in locations all around the world.

To keep pace with its evolving workforce, Mergermarket Group wanted to maintain usability and efficiency while onboarding new employees smoothly, and minimising disruption. It was vital that new employees had immediate access to in-house applications and cloud-based services that were tailored to specific job roles and individual requirements. At the same time, the board needed to be confident that the transition from traditional authentication on each service to a unified single sign-on portal would see zero network disruption and remain secure.

The Mergermarket Group decided upon an intuitive and user-friendly solution, with single sign-on (SSO) capabilities to facilitate and manage its growing global workforce. After looking at a number of providers, it felt OneLogin’s solution fit the bill most effectively.

With ease of use and round the clock support, OneLogin’s SSO Active Directory solution provides superior user-provisioning capabilities for a wide variety of applications. This includes granular control over permissions for differing job roles, factoring in location and the network used to access sensitive corporate data. It can also request an additional layer of multi-factor authentication to confirm identification if red flags have been triggered against a specific user profile.

“One of the biggest benefits OneLogin has provided us is the simple on-boarding of new employees and the ability to create individual profiles depending not only on job title, but also location, even if they’re travelling,” said Ben Mollet, application delivery engineer at Mergermarket Group. “From day one, new employees have access to all the services and almost 50 applications they need - such as Slack, Concur and Office 365 - at their fingertips. This has saved valuable company time, whilst enabling individuals to get stuck in from day one.”

“In addition to OneLogin’s single sign-on capabilities, we have implemented the password reset feature, reducing calls to our support team by approximately 45 per cent. A percentage we expect to continue to rise as employees get more familiar with the solution,” added Mollet. “Thanks to OneLogin, we find it hard to imagine Mergermarket Group without a single sign-on solution. We now see it as an asset that will prove invaluable as we look to expand further in the future.”

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